Leisurely helmet

*Brand: Tianxiang*Model: MD02*Size: XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL*Color:blue,black,red,orange*Certification:CE,CPSC*Material:  ABS ,EPS  and PC visor,*Buckle: Quickly release POM buckl

Product Detail

*Brand: Tianxiang
*Model: MD02
*Size: XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL
*Material:  ABS ,EPS  and PC visor,
*Buckle: Quickly release POM buckle 
*OEMcolor,logo, decals, bluetooth, camera 
*Weigth: 1500g±50g   



1.Top grade raw materials  and reasonable price directly from factory 

2.State-of-art production technology 

3.Airbrush ,Soft and comfortable ,anti-fogging,shockproof and safe 

3.Strong R&D Expertise

4.Approved DOT certification ,EEC and ISO 9000 certification 

5.Accept OEM / ODM 

Production Machines:

*Injection Molding Machine    *Stamping Machine   *Sewing Machine     *Printing Machine*Riveting Machine

Leisurely helmet