How to make a safe motorcycle helmet?

2018-04-04 Foshan City Tianxiang Sporting G [ Original ]

In daily life.Helmet is an indispensable safety device for people to riding motorcycl(bike)or exercise.

There are several types of helmets:Motorcyle helmet,Bicycle helmet,Skateboard helmet,Skiing helmet,Water sports helmet,Mountain climbing helmet,Industrial helmet,Engineering helmet,Fire helmet,Equestrian helmets,There are gunfight games that young people love(wargame helmet,PUBG game).Different types of helmets require different standards.But the ultimate goal is to keep the head safe.Helmet has very beautiful colors and applique patterns.

If you like car RACES.May be you have seen this news:President Barack Obama honors NASCAR champion Kyle Busch US President Barack Obama applauds during a reception for NASCAR driver Kyle Busch and his team members celebrating Busch's win in the NASCAR Spring Cup Series Championship in the East Room at the White House on September 28, 2016 in Washington, D.C. / AFP / ZACH GIBSON  Kyle Busch just gave Obama a NASCAR helmet.

motocycle helmet.jpg

This is a very beautiful display helmet. We are honored to find the manufacturer of this helmet:Foshan Tianxiang Sporting Goods Co.,Ltd. Explain the manufacturing process of helmets for us. As far as I know, this is a Chinese motorcycle helmet manufacturer. The predecessor of the company was

Foshan Nanhai Fushi Helmet Factory, More than 20 years experience in helmet manufacturing. It's very popular in China. Is a domestic large motorcycle manufacturer's helmet supplier.

Let's see how to make a beautiful helmet.

1.    Polishing ABS shell, polish the sharp edges of the shell.polish the die line. A good quality helmet, must use high quality ABS material.

2.    Levigation ABS shell. Use different label sandpaper for water mill.make the shell smooth.

3.    Let the shell dry naturally. Then QC checks whether the shell meets the standard.

4.    Shell spray primer.

5.    The shell enters the drying room for drying process.

6.    Sprayed surface paint.

7.    The shell enters the drying room for drying process.

8.    QC checks the surface paint, If it doesn't meet the standards,return to the step 3.

9.    Applique process. That's how the beautiful patterns are made.

10.  Let the decal shell dry naturally.

11.  Clean the decal shell. Use different label sandpaper for water mill.make the decal shell smooth.

12.  Let the shell dry naturally.

13.  Painting glossy(matte ) on the decal shell.

14.  The decal shell enters the drying room for drying process.

15.  Verify that the shell meets the production standard before installation. If it doesn't meet the standards.,return to the step 3.

16.  The installation is divided into 5 steps.(1) Install ventilation and ventilation accessories.(2) The shell is fitted with rubber strips.(3) Install buffer foam(4) Install the visor(5) Clean and packaging.

This is the basic production process of a helmet. There are other steps that are not listed.

So it takes a lot of work to make a  helmet.

The helmet in the news is a display class helmet developed by Foshan Tianxiang Sporting Goods Co.,Ltd. and customers. The President of the company told me that they can provide all kinds of OEM and ODM services to meet the needs of customers and develop their own brands.