Europe - high speed electric bicycles need to be forced to wear helmets

2018-02-25 Foshan City Tianxiang Sporting G [ Original ]

Holland, Hague - in Holland, it has made a decision to wear safety helmets when riding high speed electric bicycles. This decision was announced on the basis of extensive research by the Minister of infrastructure and the environment in Holland. Now the question is whether there are more other countries in the EU to do the same. The extensive study mentioned by the Minister of Holland has gained some interesting conclusions. It's like saying that the benefits of high speed electric bicycles will make the motorists change the means of transportation. Especially in commuting, electric bicycles are suitable for long distance use. Distance between 5 to 30 kilometers of public transportation, cars, scooters and scooters all the mileage, estimates that about 2.5% will be replaced by high speed electric bicycle. Based on the potential speed of the Minister of Holland electric bicycle new categories of potential speed of the conclusion is that this type of high-speed electric bicycle speed limit should not be exempt in riding scooters and scooters have been prescribed outside. This is because, according to the EU regulations, which began in January 1, 2017, high speed electric auxiliary bicycles are a category of light locomotives. High speed electric bicycles sell best. Those who require knights to wear safety helmets when riding bicycles, we all know that this is the reason why bicycles are no longer riding. It is expected that the same thing will happen at high speed electric bicycles - although the degree of impact is relatively small. It is not known whether other EU countries are also mandatory for riding high speed electric bicycles to wear safety helmets. However, one thing is quite obvious. That is, high-speed electric bicycles are the Sales Champions in Holland. Sales in the first quarter of this year increased by six times, exceeding 600.